So we may have only have just entered autumn but we all know that it can only be a matter of time before we see the shops starting to fill up their shelves with Christmas stock (perhaps with a small respite for Hallowe’en) and the adverts on TV taking on a festive air. Secretly a large portion of us love this as a welcome respite from the rapidly shortening days and declining weather, but the ones that really get excited about it the most have to of course be children!

Rather than experiencing the panic of a last minute scramble to get the perfect must-have Christmas toy this year (we all remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Jingle All The Way’), why not be a bit more organised by starting to search around for what’s hot in the world of toys now. There are always trends on the go and it is a good idea to get your finger on the pulse to make sure that you pick a gift that they are going to love. To help you out, we’ve put together this mini list of 3 of the top toy trends to look out for this season so read on to find them out!


Does Lego ever really go out of trend? Probably not, especially since they have tendency to collaborate with the biggest films of the time such as Star Wars. And these days it is more popular than ever thanks to its own range of films, including one that has just been released this year. So for a safe bet that you’re pretty sure that they’re going to love, then a Lego set could be just the thing. With a huge choice of ranges that will suit your budget as well as who you’re buying for, the possibilities are pretty much endless with Lego. Look out for promotional deals before the Christmas madness sets in, like these Smyths discount codes.


Super popular last year and selling out in record time (a bit of Cabbage Patch dolls story!), Hatchimals are mechanical robot animals that arrive in an egg which then proceed to hatch themselves before evolving as you play with them. A pretty fun toy that encourages kids to interact with it to get it to evolve more quickly, last year it ended up going on eBay for exorbitant prices following a huge demand. So be prepared and get yours early this year; they retail at around £60.

Disney Cars 3

For the last couple of years the Disney market has been pretty much dominated by all things Frozen but this year it looks set to be all about Cars3. For fans of the film, what could be better than a Lighting McQueen RC for them to play with and recreate the blockbuster film? Aside from this there are plenty of other toys in the range so whatever the toy likes, you should be able to find something that will suit them to a tee as well as suiting your budget!

So start thinking and shopping now to make sure that this Christmas is a magical one!